In progress thoughts about theatre and such.

It’s difficult writing about the process of creating theatre. Some of this is for concrete reasons, some more elusive. In a rehearsal room, there is a certain level of privacy and even intimacy in order to explore and build a script and production. Things happen that can only happen without the participants having any concerns that they are to be shared with the outside world. At least in the immediate future.

There are other issues too. Who owns the rights to photos and images and so on.

And also, some of it is unexplainable. For me, anyway. I definitely have a specific way that I like to work, a way of laying a groundwork, but often it’s instinctual or hopefully following a fruitful path. In other words, sometimes I don’t really have a clear idea of what I’m doing. Most times, this going to the unknown is where the best treasure lies.

Some past shows:
Games by Linda Griffiths.
do you want what I have got? a craigslist cantata with Bill Richardson and Veda Hille.
First ever East Van Panto with Charlie Demers and Veda at the York.
Lucia di Lammermoor at Vancouver Opera and Tosca at Pacific Opera Victoria.
This by Melissa James Gibson at the Vancouver Playhouse starring Megan Follows.
100% Vancouver at PuSh Festival and Extraction with Theatre Conspiracy.
Fringe shows: Little One by Hannah Moscovitch, Tape by Stephen Belber, Toothpaste and Cigars by TJ Dawe and Michael Rinaldi (made into the feature film The F Word or What If), Billy Nothin’ and Aerwacol both by Sean Dixon, Louis and Dave by Norm Foster – the very first BYOV, in my old Volare.
Past AD of Theatre SKAM. Lots of site specific and wild theatre work.