Like old times.


I am in New York, here for a Fringe show. It’s an Alley Theatre show, part of FringeNYC, if you are nearby please come see us.

I spent the last couple of days in the August heat tracking down a chair and rug on craigslist for the show. Cheaper than bringing the ones we used in Vancouver. The rug was bought in a house in Brooklyn. The chair needed to be lugged down from the Upper East Side down to Fringe Central to drop off some flyers. Along the way I passed a young child, the mother was saying to the child, “Yes, that man has a chair. He can sit wherever he wants.”

After I dropped off the flyers I stopped for happy hour at an East Village bar, and sitting outside I put the chair next to me. A large group of Wall St types showed up, and asked if I was using the chair, I said no, they could use it, but it wasn’t the bar’s chair it was MY chair, but I was ok with it.

On the crowded subway I sat on my own damn chair, next to the doorway.

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