Timothy Sutherland 1966 – 2015.

1997 Zastrozzi Tim Linda

Tim was so compelling. I first came upon him giving speeches and righting some wrong in the back hallways of the Phoenix theatre building at UVic. He was opinionated and had a clear moral compass.

Lucas called him a “theatre warrior”. And he really was. He knew everything, but was eager to learn. He was sensuous and strong. He didn’t look like anyone else.  He sang sweetly. He could charm the pants off you.

He was part of a group of actors in the early days of SKAM who are the primary reason that I am a director. Tim, and the entire casts’ support in me gave the strength to try. They allowed me to find my way as I directed my first show – George F. Walker’s Zastrozzi, and Tim played the title character.  He told me he wanted me to direct and he trusted me. We re-mounted that show after our first successful run, we toured to NYC and Philly, and he was always both a leader and a team player. We all felt sweaty and fearless, and I shall never forget what we did in that time. Tim’s big, big heart was all over that, and he will alway be a part of who I am.

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4 thoughts on “Timothy Sutherland 1966 – 2015.”

  1. So sad to hear this news today Ami. I haven’t seen Tim in years but I’m surprised how sad I am.

    I’ll never forget the look on his face when I was part of the crowd at one of the Philly performances of Zastrozzi. I’d bussed down from Toronto to see the show. It was a great weekend.

    If you hear of any services for Tim in Victoria can you send out the info?

  2. Amiel, thanks so much for this – and for giving me, what turned out to be my only opportunity of working with Tim. He was a great presence, a wonderful actor, and fantastically warm person. What I remember most was the heady and engaging conversations we’d all have post-rehearsal and post-performance. There was never a doubt in my mind that Tim was exceptionally well-informed and well-read, just as there was nary a doubt in my mind that he was better-read, and better-informed that I was. However, never once, for a minute did that translate into condescension from Tim. His openness seemed to always allow that if you too were interested, and engaged in a discussion that you were his equal. Though I hadn’t seen him in 15 years or more, his passing has saddened me a great deal, and the thought that his charm and passion is gone, saddens me more still. He was, in his own inimitable way a giant of person.

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