Michael Green.


Michael was one of the first people to give me some guidance in our community. He invited me to Calgary to come and see the High Performance Rodeo as a youngster still finding my way. He told me to come and stay in his basement and see as many shows as I could. He showed me the Internet. He showed me how the Rabbits made theatre, how they made a company, how they loved and appreciated and took care of each other.

Michael Green was a gifted compelling performer, a curator ahead of everyone, and a snazzy dresser  He loved a good party. He was a weirdo, a generous soul, a visionary.  Talking to Michael sometimes made you feel like you were talking in some mind expansive future. He lead the way for so many of us, he blazed such a bright bright brilliant trail. He made me feel unique. The world lost some colour yesterday.

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One thought on “Michael Green.”

  1. Thanks for sharing Ami. I met Michael informally a few times when I worked at a restaurant next to the theatres in Calgary. Enjoyed a pint or two and good conversation.

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