End of 2014, beginning of 2015.


Looking back on a year, an odd day today where nothing makes clear sense, so my thoughts are a bit all over the place. Funny to think back on a calendar year, when the theatrical year is more like the school year. We are at the Winter Holidays, halfway through, but we are not into a a new number of year. It doesn’t seem to line up. The media likes to make Best Of Lists for a Year, but we don’t necessarily organize our theatre seasons like that. It feels like we are comparing the end of last season, with the beginning of this season. But nonetheless.

So then some of the things really sticking with me from the past year:

Then She Fell by 3rd Rail, The Glass Menagerie directed by John Tiffany, and some personal projects: Craigslist Cantata at ATP, Citadel, NAC. The women who trusted me with their plays: Susinn McFarlen, Hannah Moscovitch, and the unforgettable Linda Griffiths. Another glorious East Van Panto.

I get weird this time of year. I think Emelia was able to write about it in great ways here and here.




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