Secret Theatre.

A few years back in the early days of Theatre SKAM, we put on a Top Secret Show. You had to phone us to find out where it was and we didn’t tell people anything about the show, you just had to come and find out. I remember doing an interview live on the news about it, and it went nowhere. Can  you tell us where we are? No. Can you tell us anything about the show? Not really. It was my shortest interview ever. 

A company in London is now doing a season of plays like this. I think they are all from the classical canon, but who really knows. I am intrigued by the idea and what the audience brings to the theatre by knowing the title and everything else. Where it can get tricky is in terms of marketing for people like playwrights who want their name out there on the marquee. 

Here’s the story from today’s Globe and Mail and here’s a London Evening Standard review. 

Oh, and our production turned about to be Zertrummerung, a grand guignol piece by Michael Green, and it was glorious. 


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