Random passing thoughts as we transition into the new season.

The behaviour of teenage audience vs adult senior audiences at matinees. What does a director do, and what should they be concerned about? What do transitions mean? How do  you know when it’s a good idea? What is risk really? How do you define failure? How come we so gleefully go after a show that seems to be failing, when we all talk about how we want to do risky work?  Why am I not enthralled right now? Why don’t we capitalize on success? 

London. Berlin. Amsterdam. 

Do need a new kind of theatre? What would that look like? Why do we follow so many rules around how a show starts? Why do we always start on time? Why is it alway you sit here and we’ll be performing over here? 

Toronto. Stratford. 

How can we get better? Are we just mainly the minor leagues and there’s always somewhere else to go? Why do someone people just have It, and if you don’t what’s the actual point, and should you go do something else? Why does something like blocking sometimes have the ability to tug at my heartstrings? What is a good rhyme?  What if we only had to do new plays for a while? Do swans only sing as they die?


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