Extraction World Premiere tonight.

This new documentary play with non-actors opens tonight. It’s been incredible to work with our three experts on their own lives, as they’ve bravely shared their stories, and told them repeatedly to the team and I, as we build theatre around them.  I am so thankful for and inspired by their guts.

It’s a new play, with no previews, very little tech time, so I have many questions going into tonight’s performance. There’s technology in the show, and much of it involves things we can’t rehearse, and some of it are things that instinctively fit in the show, but are not fully realized, so we put them in, and see what happens. As with most productions in the theatre, previews would have been useful. Many of these questions will be answered by performing with an audience at this stage. It’s a very interactive show with a lot of moving parts, and non actors. All of these are positives for the show as it is. I look forward to seeing how it all works, and seeing were we might have guessed wrong and the audience surprises us.

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