Defining Success.

It’s been busy around here. Craigslist Cantata closed yesterday in Toronto. It’s kind of a nice closing, though as there are still at least three more runs of that show coming up within the  next year. We’ve been rehearsing and running that show for such an extended time now, it’s a real family vibe.

Extraction set gets loaded into the Cultch this morning. We have dress rehearsal tonight.

Three Sisters is doing stumble thrus in a rehearsal space downtown. Re-writes are being down for Itsazoo‘s reading. And Stage Management starts Tosca prep today.

Was having a discussion last night with an artist about idealism and how to face the overwhelmingness of it all, how to face all the work that it seems to take, how it never seems enough, how change is hard, how what we would like as artists and what society seems to want, don’t necessarily line up.  I said that one way I took care of this was by defining success; that, I would help myself by giving myself attainable goals. For me, this is often related to risk. Trying something I’ve never done before – a way of a working, saying or not saying something, not knowing if a moment will work, colloborating with new people. Things like that. Having so many different projects on the go, means that I continue to scale what success means for each project. It’s a learning process.

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