Finished up last week with 5 days in Oldenburg, Germany listening a symposium on translation in theatre Not just the translation of play scripts, but more specifically, the translations of productions for live audiences.

There was talk of the methods we have today, surtitles, simultaneous translation via headphone, providing written translation before or after the show, etc. The Germans are at the forefront of this, and all the shows at PAZZ used these methods in varying degrees.

As one of three non-German speakers, I was delivered most of the symposium lectures via whispered translation, something that seemed entirely appropriate to me. It’s got me thinking more about translation in theatre, and I have a feeling that this will percolate into my work down the line, and most definitely for Theatre Conspiracy’s Extraction, which was the main reason I was there.

With all this talk of surtitles I learned a new German word: beamer. It’s their word for projector. Like “handy” which is the German slang for mobile phone (a “hand phone” I suppose”) a beamer, is based on an English word. So they use an English word that they’ve basically come up with for a device for which the English speakers use a different word.

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