What I’ve learned 2011.

The ending of one year and the beginning of another is always a time for reflection.

Thinking back over the past year, I remember Sleep No More in NYC, Jerusalem with Mark Rylance, and an amazing weekend of everything that was on at the National Theatre in London in August.

I also realized that I may be getting more satisfaction from a good meal. A good restaurant now does something to me that involves narrative, spectacle, illuminating conversation, sexuality, and some good belly laughs. Of course this can have a lot to do with the company.  In Philadelphia at Zahav, Momufuku Ssam Bar in NYC (3 times!), Morimoto’s restaurant in Napa, Mission Chinese in SF, not to mention Gramercy Tavern, Saison and more, as well as at home at Boneta and West.

I was struck by the work of playwrights that we may never get to see in Vancouver, or more to point, how we aren’t seeing this type of work: Amy Herzog’s 4000 Miles,  Sons of the Prophet by Stephen Karam , and Other Desert Cities by Jon Robin Baitz.  I’m missing that in Vancouver.

The last play I saw this year featured shepherds positing the idea that we all just part of a sheep’s dream. I loved the  loopy, lethargic, Alex Diakun and Scott Bellis in Drew McCreadies’ Hotel Bethlehem, asking:”What if the sheep wakes up?”

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