Backstage at Cesky Krumlov.

I’m in this very charming quaint Czech town full of cobbestones, and bridges and a towering castle, and outdoor terraces to drink beer on. The streets twist and turn as the river that runs through the centre of town does. It’s all so picturesque and sweet.

On my walk today I headed West and once a little further into the outskirts I found regular modern apartment buildings and a school and a strip mail. It was a bit like wandering backstage and seeing things from the other side.

It reminded me, bizarrely enough of when I zipped through Skagway, Alaska, which has about four square blocks of Gold Rush period buildings, and then a fence, and on the other side of the fence is where all the people go when not at work and where the video store and the groceries are. I feel like the best, most immersive tourist towns must need a backstage, so that the regular folks who run the town have a place to live.

I went back to the Revolving Theatre again. This time for the Mozart opera, Don Giovanni. I sat on the edge of the bank of seats. I wasn’t overly impressed with the show – some good singing, some flubbed lines, nothing too inspiring in the staging – but sitting where I was gave me the opportunity to see the performers move on and off stage, to whisper to each other as they were getting into place (keep in mind this is a massive outdoor space), and general prep like candles being lit and so on. That I liked. It made me think of what I was attracted to in the theatre in the first place, which was the people who lived this life, and how they did it.

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