Highway 63: The Fort Mac Show

If I was in Vancouver this week, I would be checking out this show. Some great young artists, working in a collective fashion, with very interesting subject matter. At the new Neanderthal Fest (what do we think of that for a name?), I’d also be taking at peak at Countries Shaped Like Stars, but they are dropping by SummerWorks so I’ll catch them there.

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4 thoughts on “Highway 63: The Fort Mac Show”

    1. I’m glad you were able to see it. I saw a runthru of a dress rehearsal before they left TO so it’s not fair of me to comment too much on performance, but I wondered if some of this shagginess is part of its charm? In fact having said that, I’m pretty sure it is. And to go further, maybe shagginess is part of what makes it theatre?

  1. Indeed, some shagginess is good. I guess I meant that hairy bits that could have been trimmed. I didn’t think much of the bits of the script where the speakers acknowledge that they’re putting on a play. That felt clunky and distracting. I also thought the final scene or two lost its way a little bit. But, then, endings are hard.

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