TAPE. Heldover.

Daniel and Matthew rehearsing on a bed
Daniel and Matthew rehearsing on a bed

Tape had a successful run at the Vancouver Fringe and is now being held over for this coming weekend. The three actors, Daniel, Matthew and Marisa, has asked me to work with them on this project that they wanted to do in a hotel room, as I’ve done stuff in weird places. Funnily enough one of the draws for me was the script. I’ve been really wanting to work on an established play. Don’t get me wrong, new work is my passion, but I’ve been wanting to mix it up a bit.

Stephen Belber’s script is a real actor’s piece and has all kinds of twists and turns, which were real fun to navigate. Putting it into an actual hotel room also was a challenge. The play was written for theatres but has been produced in actual hotel rooms before. In fact, Liesl Lafferty directed a production at the Vancouver Fringe 6 years ago. I’m curious to see how our 2 productions related. The challenge of the venue also informed aesthetic. We all wanted it to appear that we were just using the room as it was, the only thing being added were chairs for the audience. In fact we completely re-configured the room and had to come up with ways to turn off the lights and make the phone ring on cue without the help of a stage manager or technician.

More info on the show and hold over tix here.

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