Theater of War documentary by John Walters.

Went to see the film Theater of War last night.

It’s a documentary that uses the New York City Central Park Public Theatre production of Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children as a centrepiece to explore theatre, Brecht, and Marxism among other things. The adaptation was written by Tony Kushner, and he is featured prominently in the film, talking about adaptation and protest and why he wanted to do this play.

Meryl Streep is in the titular role and has some great insights into process and the role of an actor and it’s a rare chance to see her at work in a rehearsal room. The film also features Kevin Kline, novelist Jay Cantor (who gives a great overview of Marxism) director George C. Wolfe, artistic director Oskar Eustis among others. They all give really interesting perspectives on theatre and it’s possibilities today. Carl Weber, who actually worked with Brecht, is also very very illuminating.

It’s playing here in Vancouver until Wednesday this week.

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