Arguments for Theatre 1.

My Dinner with AndreThe past weekend was full of surprises.

Travelled to Victoria with the Neworld Theatre gang to do a reading of Kelly Metzger’s in progress solo show. Neworld was there to do a reading of Rachel Corrie. Brian Fidler was in town for Cam & Legs. We even met up with some of the SKAM crew for drinks after the opening of Bike Ride.

Then Marcus Youssef and I performed a new piece called Recipes for an Economic Downturn, or the My Dinner with Marcus and Ami Film Club as part of BC Buds. We served a Swine Flu menu of beer and hot dogs with bacon and discussed My Dinner with Andre with an audience of eight seated around a table.

In her solo show, Kelly explains why she’d quit the theatre. It’s horrible pay, and it’s rarely as good as we’d like. It becomes very difficult to argue any of this. But this weekend – full of comraderie and fun and provocative performance – made it all make sense.

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