Notes From Frankfurt 1.

I’ve been here in Germany since Monday. Jetlagged, so much of the time has felt very bizarre. I’m here to observe rehearsals of “Lucia di Lammermoor” at Frankfurt Opera. It’s a new production directed by Matthew Jocelyn. I know Matthew because he invited “The Wedding Pool” to Colmar in France. He is the former artistic director of Atelier du Rhin, a lovely place to work.

The first thing that struck me is that Matthew along with his team, has created a piece that puts “Lucia” in the world of newspapers, and press, filled with paparazzi and cut-throat business men. In Canada it seems to me that this would be regarded as extremely radical but here it’s the norm. I attended a performance of “Lear” last night, mind you this opera is only 40 years old, but it was full of design elements and ideas that would be considered extremely avant garde back home, but here the audiences seem to understand that where an opera was set has more to do with the politics and ideas of the current day, so updating them makes perfect sense.

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