The past year of world premieres.

On the stage director side of things, the past year has been pretty darn great, in terms of the projects that I was able to work on. I always had dreams of working with playwrights on their new plays, and the season was almost exclusively that.

In terms of new plays:
Sean Dixon’s The Gift of the Coat at ATP.
Meg Braem’s The Josephine Knot with Theatre Bombus.
Jason Bryden’s The Dissemblers for Touchstone and Playwrights Theatre Centre.
Brian Fidler’s Cam and Legs for his Ramshackle Theatre.
And right now, the Haig-Brown evening as adapted by Janet Munsil for the Haig-Brown Institute.

Not to mention, [sic] by Melissa James Gibson for SKAM, as well as my first foray in the world of opera.

And lots of different places too: Calgary, Victoria, Vancouver, Whitehorse, and Campbell River.

Now I just need to get back to writing some of my own plays.

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